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Window Handles Espag vs Cockspur, Which do I buy?

My Window Handle Nightmare

So you have a broken window handle you want to replace, what do you do?

“Hey google show me new window handles”, click, click, buy, done!

Is it as easy as that? you betcha it isn't

So now you are here to go make that educated purchase, waste less time and less money, sounds good?

There are two main types of window handle, Cockspur & Espag

Espag is simply short for espagnollete

Cockspur handles have a nose that locks over the frame and no square drive bar at the base of the handle

Espag handles do not have a nose that locks over the frame but have a square drive bar projecting out from the base


Unfortunately the differences don't stop there.

Cockspur handles always come left or right handed and the easiest way is as you look at the handle which way the nose points to, the handle in the image above has the nose pointing to the right so this is known as a right hand handle.

Cockspur handles also come in varying backsets, see the below image for measuring the backset of these

Luckily these days it's not important to know the backset for cockspur handles as the repair handles we do can be altered to be different



Espagnolette handles are somewhat easier, you simply choose if you need left, right or inline handed, pick your colour and go.

The main thing to note in espag handles is the square drive bar protruding from the base are normally 30-40mm in length when bought new however these are sometimes cut down to suit certain windows, this would be done on site and cut down by the fitter.

I have found the simplest way to determine which hand you need is by which hand do you operate the handle with, or if you are not sure then always purchase the inline version

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