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Being Green

Being Green


As a small business it can be difficult and sometimes costly to go green in everything that we do but that is not to say there's nothing we can do or change.

We receive numerous deliveries to us on a daily basis and where possible we keep all of the boxes and packaging

  1. We keep and re-use 100% of the cardboard boxes and tubes that we ship your order out with.
  2. We also keep and re-use 100% of the packaging material that we package your order with to ensure a safe delivery.
  3. What cardboard boxes we can't use is sent for recycling.

What does this mean for us, you and the planet?

Our cost of packaging is almost zero, this is good for business

The box you will receive could have branding or names of some description on instead of our own name - We hope you don't mind.

The planet albeit a small change is a change in the right direction, and we have been doing this for the last 22 years

Paperwork, printing & posting

We have had quite a big change in this area of our business

  1. We now email 90% of our invoices to our account customers, no driving to the post office with lots of letters.
  2. Delivery driver despatch notes have halved by 50% as we no longer require a copy for ourselves and is logged digitally
  3. Much of our printing is done on black & white laser printers and not inkjet reducing costs and waste.

Of course we still have a way to go but the processes above are not only a saving in terms of the environment but also save us time and money, it's a no brainer!