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Trying to find a replacement for a broken handle can be a nightmare!

There are two main types of window handles, those that are called "cockspur" and those that are called "espagnolette" or "espag" for short.

Espagnolette handles as the name suggests operates an espagnolette lock mechanism fitted within or along the leading edge of the window, this locking mechanism always requires a square drive bar to operate it, this square bar is fitted to the backside of the window handle and is the easiest way to differenciate between the two.

Also worth noting for espag type handles is the screw fixings are always the same set at an industry standard 44mm apart making choosing a new handle a very easy task.

Cockspur handles lock the window in a completely different manner, the handle itself features a nose point which laps over the frame thus keeping it secured.

Cockspur handles because they lap over the frame need to accomodate for varying different window rebate sizes so they come in various different backsets and the accompanying strike wedge fitted to the frame also comes in varying different sizes thus picking new handles is not such an easy task.

The below photo shows the critical measurement required when purchasing a new cockspur type handle which is the distance from the underside of the nose part to the surface the handle is screwed to.

Often these measurements are as follows,

  • 9mm
  • 13mm
  • 17mm
  • 21 / 22mm

 Both types of these handles can be found available to buy on our store.

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