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THE BEST ADHESIVE..........IN THE WORLD (jezza voice) (possibly)

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ALLCON 10 construction adhesive, I can tell you from personal experience is fantastic stuff, I have never seen or used anything quite as impressive as this!

Bonds just about everything and will do it in under 10 minutes, no 24-48 hr curing time here, job done and done quick!

This stuff also has a little trick up it's sleeve, if you want it to expand simply spray a mist of water to surfaces before applying.

Radiator bracket ripped off the wall? hole too large use again? squirt a little Allcon 10 in, push a wallplug in and allow to cure, 10 minutes later  job done.

Ok so yes it probably seems a little expensive but if you keep the nozzle clean and screw on the blue cap when not using you'll have it to come back to 10 months later and believe me you will not feel robbed after using it, more of a bargain probably.

Find me here -

Or come get a tube if you live local to us, DL4 2QN

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