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UPVC door lock spares and replacement parts

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When replacing your Upvc or composite door lock, usually you have to either replace the central gearbox or buy a complete new lock, often older locks can be discontinued so you are left with altering the door and frame to suit a different lock or buying and fitting a completely new door and frame.

Over the years we have gathered lots of used parts that are not available to buy new which have come in very handy to our customer in-store when we have fixed their lock for often a very small fee in comparison to a new lock or door.

We have now decided to start bring that help to our online customers, albeit we can't actually be there to fit the parts.

We have many different top and bottom hook boxes, middle latch bolts and replacement screws and some replacement internals for the odd lock.

Whilst we might not have everything listed online, you can always drop us an email with photos attached of the part you need to replace and we'll do our best to help.

All the parts we remove from old locks are tested, cleaned where possible and re-greased, but remember they are still used parts.

Need the middle gearbox part replacing? we keep a stock of these that a brand new and you can find those on our website in the locks and latches category or search by product name.

Needing to replace broken locks is often brought about by other factors and not it's age, during the seasonal changes of the year we often hear about customers finding their locks hard to operate by having to apply extra force when lifting the door handle up, this is an indicator that your door is not aligned correctly and will only result in a broken lock eventually and you can bet it will be when it is most inconvenient, doors can be adjusted by the hinges and the keeps on the frame can also be adjusted to suit.

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